Aust. Solar PV 2012 – $3bn revenue, 11,000 employed, 1038MW

The Australian Photovoltaic Association (APVA) has released its assessment of the Australian Solar PV market and industry in 2012, finding it has broken through the gigawatt installations barrier.

According to the report the vast bulk of capacity, 1008 megawatts, was installed in rooftop grid-connected applications in 2012, with 14MW in centralised grid-connected power stations, 10MW in households off-grid and 6MW in off-grid for businesses.

The cumulative capacity now stands at 2,415MW which is estimated to have generated 1.3% of Australia’s power consumption.

Total employment in the sector now stands at close to 12,000 people with the breakdown illustrated in the chart below.

Australian solar PV sector 2012 employment by sector
Graph for Aust. Solar PV 2012 - $3bn revenue, 11,000 employed, 1038MW



Total turnover for the sector was around $3.2 billion which was down from about $3.8 billion the prior year, even though the amount of capacity intalled was about 25% higher. This reflected a significant drop in system prices (exclusive of renewable certificate rebates) from $3.9 per watt to $3 per watt.

  • 1 Jul, 2013
  • Kit Man Chan

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