Benefits for Finance
Value Add and point of difference service for clients outlining an attention to detail around clients operational habits and seeking business performance benefits. Solar systems have a direct impact on property valuation models, rental income and business operating costs. Solar systems are an income generating asset therefore in need of specialist accountant advice.

Benefits for Client
Solar is ideal to reduce operation and overhead costs, reduce the risk profile for rising electricity costs with significant long term financial benefits. Solar improves the underlying property it is installed on by improving NABERS and BASIX requirements and therefore

Taxation Implications
Solar systems impact on a client’s taxation situation a number of ways by looking into the decline in value of the capital cost of the system, also the offset of electricity assists and improves business cash flow. Solar systems can be classed as plant equipment and therefore have variable depreciation and capital cost deductions associated.*

Stakeholder Engagement
Clean Energy Corporation Australia follows a process of through education to CFO and Financial Controllers around the products available. Through this process we are able to build the best financial objectives, business cases, and understand operational concerns of the business. Our referral network sees it as a value add when providing advice to their clients, showing that they are looking comprehensively into ways to reduce operating costs and showing they are ahead of market trends.