Clean Energy Corporation Australia is a trusted provider of Solar Power Purchase Agreements
across Australia, helping them save money on electricity costs.


A Solar PPA is a contract to buy or sell electricity at an agreed price and for an agreed period of time. Solar PPA’s are a financial mechanism where we build, own and operate a solar asset on the premises of your business. This allows you to go solar without any capital investment, and to save money from day one.

As part of our solar power agreements, we install and maintain the technology on your site, and you pay only for the solar electricity produced and consumed each month. You enjoy the benefits and savings of having a renewable power generation plant but none of the complexity, costs or maintenance associated with ownership.


Other benefits include:

No Capital Investment
Our Solar PPA provides you the opportunity to go solar without the upfront cost. We install and maintain the equipment on your site. You pay only for the solar electricity produced and consumed each month.

Competitive Low Price
Clean Energy Corporation Australia’s experience and scale in installing multi-megawatt projects, along with our relationships with top equipment manufacturers and global partners, allow us to pass our lower costs on to our customers. Our in-house design team and construction experience allow us to efficiently manage your solar system installation project without compromising quality or service

Reduce Operating Costs from Day One
When your business begins to generate its own solar power, your utility electricity bill will drop significantly. The combination of your Solar Power Purchasing Agreement payment and reduced electricity bill is will be less than what you pay the utility company today, based on your existing consumption habits. Furthermore, as utility electricity rates continue to exponentially rise, your PPA Solar rates remain low with minimal set increases per year, allowing you to save more every year. You effectively set your PPA solar rate long term.

Ongoing Performance Monitoring
With our Solar Power Purchase Agreements, you do not need to worry about ongoing maintenance costs. Clean Energy Corporation Australia owns the equipment and handles repairs for Australia. So if issues arise, our service technicians will get your system back online with minimal disruption. Every Clean Energy Corporation Australia solar power system includes our exclusive monitoring service to ensure you are maximising your solar production and energy savings. We offer a free solar consultation to assess the unique energy needs of your business and provide you with a project cost estimate. Whether you have one facility or many, we can design a solar system that will meet your electricity needs.